Emily Charbonneau


I’ve Touched

A running list of different animals I have gotten to pet or hold in my lifetime. This excludes cooking purposes.

I'm honestly not sure when or why I started keeping track but here we are…

  1. Cat Domestic- Approximately 50, I love cats.
  2. Dog Domestic-Approximately 200, Everyone likes dogs.
  3. Rabbit
  4. Guinea pig
  5. Hamster
  6. Gerbil
  7. Boney Fish-Various kinds
  8. Birds- Pigeons, Parrots, Parakeets, Peacock, Flamingo, Ducks, Geese (ok so I was bit by a goose but I feel like it still counts)
  9. Horse
  10. Hedgehog
  11. Chinchilla (his name was Mortimer and he is the softest thing I’ve ever touched)
  12. Yak
  13. Zebra
  14. Camel
  15. Ferret
  16. Cat nondomestic- Lion, Tiger (Tigers are way softer than lions)
  17. Dog nondomestic-Grey wolf
  18. Cartilaginous Fish- Stingray, Shark (I got to put in a tracking tab on a shark. Sharks are sharp and can give you a rash called shark burn)
  19. Dolphin
  20. Seahorse
  21. Starfish
  22. Sea urchin
  23. Snapping turtle
  24. Kangaroo (feels like a rabbit)
  25. Giraffe
  26. Pig
  27. Goat
  28. Llama
  29. Donkey
  30. Snake
  31. Sheep
  32. Lizard-gecko, bearded dragon, curly-tailed lizard, iguana (I was not a fan)
  33. Bugs-various

If you’d like more information about what touching anything on the list feels like you can contact me with questions.

(262)-510-1508 or emcharbs101@gmail.com

Fun Fact: Flamingoes are my favorite animal!