I’ve Touched

A running list of different animals I have gotten to pet or hold in my lifetime and a rough ranking of the experience. (This list excludes cooking purposes)

I'm honestly not sure when or why I started keeping track but here we are…

  1. Classic:
  2. Cat Domestic- Probably pet around 60 different cats 10/10
  3. Dog Domestic-Probably around 400 different dogs you get it 12/10
  4. Rabbit – Very floofy 9/10
  5. Guinea pig- Fluffy but always a bit stinky 7/10
  6. Hamster- Very cute and soft but will likely pee on you 6/10
  7. Gerbil- Classic small child pet experience 8/10
  8. Ferret- They feel like a long cat but I had one dropped in to my hair and so overall experience wasn't great. 5/10
  9. Pig- Basic petting zoo animal but pigglets are adorable so 8/10
  10. Goat- Smell terrible, fur is corse, and usually very sassy personality but petting zoos are very nostalgic 6/10
  11. Donkey- Very chill animal and hair is corse but soft enough 7/10
  12. Snakes- Get a bad rep but aren't slimy just smooth, they can be a bit scary and overly squishy 7/10
  13. Sheep- Feels like wool but stinky and they have terrifying eyes 5/10
  14. Bugs (Various) -with the acception of butterflies and lightning bugs all have been really unpleasant and thier legs just really creep me out -10/10
  15. Horse- Hair is very silky and their muzzles are really velvety soft 10/10
  16. Boney Fish(various species)- cool but slippery and scarily fragile 8/10
  17. Turtle- their legs feel like rough dry skin and thier shell kind of like a sea shell mixed with a fingernail but they will try to scratch you 7/10

  18. Birds:
  19. Pigeons-Pidgeons are just rats rolled in feathers and disease 0/10
  20. Parrots- Their main feathers are very stiff and rough but the tiny ones on their faces are really soft and downy. plus holding them makes you feel like a pirate- 9/10
  21. Parakeets- really sweet little birds with smooth soft feathers like in a pillow 10/10
  22. Peacock- Very intimedating up close but stand feather feel 7/10
  23. Ducks – very soft but their feathers feel almost oily 7/10
  24. Geese - I was bit by a goose It was quite painful 0/10
  25. Flamingo- I'm obsessed with their aesthetic and they have very soft duck like feathers but they make a horrible sound and their beaks split open like some sort of eldritch beast. 100/10

  26. Exotic:
  27. African Pygmy Hedgehog- you will get stabbed but it doesn't really hurt. they have soft furry undersides and their quils feel like slippery toothpicks. 10/10
  28. Chinchilla- his name was Mortimer and he is the softest thing I’ve ever touched. very floofy dense squishy fur 15/10
  29. Yak- Curly poodle like hair that has a surprising amount of squish 8/10
  30. Zebra- Feels like a rougher corser horse 6/10
  31. Camel - very corse short hair that feels like a synthetic wool rug 6/10
  32. Tiger- Super soft like a normal house cat but much more muscular and with giant toe beans! 11/10
  33. Lion- short corse fur that feels almost like a goat
  34. Grey wolf- kind of like petting a husky but the fur is more densely packed so it has a more dramatic deep squish 10/10
  35. Stingray- the top grey part is soft and velty but the white underneath is smooth like skin 9/10
  36. Shark – They're very soft and smooth but they have trangular scales for aerodynmics so if you touch them the wrong way its rough like sand paper and can give you a rash called shark burn 10/10 (I got to put in a tracking tab on one! )
  37. Dolphin- super soft and smooth feel almost like suede but kinda slippery 9/10
  38. Seahorse- I rescued one that got beached and it felt very lizard like and wrapped its tail on my fingers 9/10
  39. Starfish-They feel like wet sandpaper with a few extra big bumps-8/10
  40. Sea urchin-they move in you hand and it tickles they also feel like a ball made of slippery toothpicks 9/10
  41. Sanddollar- feel very slimey and bristly like the algae that grows on rocks at the bottom of a lake 4/10
  42. Snapping turtle- Very stressful to touch and very fast but feel like a regular turtle 5/10
  43. Kangaroo- have really short soft fur like a rabbit but have long squirrel like claws 9/10
  44. Giraffe- really surprisingly soft and velvety their whole body feels like the muzzle of a horse but have very long slimy tongues 8/10
  45. Llama – Honestly just a big long necked sheep that spits 5/10

  46. Lizards:
  47. Gecko- They pretty much feel like a tiny snake 7/10
  48. Bearded dragon – This is sort of the typical lizard texture rough scaly skin and they have some extra horn like bumps 8/10
  49. Curly-tailed lizard – these lizards are everywhere in south florida they're basically like a bug to me and they have dry scaly skin 3/10
  50. Iguana – They're huge in person and while not super scaly their skin is very thick rough and wrinkly like an 80 year old chainsmoker 1/10

If you’d like more information about what touching anything on the list feels like you can contact me with questions.

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Fun Fact: Flamingoes are my favorite animal!